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 Dating Without A Daddy
Have you ever asked yourself why you struggle finding healthy, loving romantic relationships?  Marla Washington’s book, “Dating Without A Daddy” offers a unique perspective as to why some of you find yourselves in unhealthy romantic relationships. She suggests some of your problems can be traced back to childhood and that growing up fatherless may have a profound effect on your love choices.

Fatherless children are a universal epidemic which crosses racial and ethnic lines, income, educational status and age groups. This trend can hit any home at any time. Every child is vulnerable to being fatherless. Daddy is a term of endearment. This word signifies a special relationship between a father and child. Almost every little girl at one time or another envisioned having a daddy, a strong male to hold, to kiss and to just hear him say, “you’re daddy’s little girl and I will always love you.” But for millions of young girls having a dad is just a fantasy. And for those of you who didn’t have a dad as a young girl, as you transition into womanhood, there becomes this constant need to fill this void with any male figure.

How you feel about yourself is greatly influenced by how you were treated by your father or whether or not he was absent or a positive presence in your life growing up.  This childhood father-daughter dynamic eventually manifests in male-female adult relationships.

“Dating Without A Daddy”is more than an analysis of the problem and a laundry list of don’ts. Marla Washington offers the ‘must do’s for avoiding being a victim of fatherlessness and successfully discovering a worthy life partner.  Consider this book an intervention for those of you who don’t have a father or father figure to tell you some of the things needed to discern the men you pursue and the men who pursue you.  This book is a critical insight into the lives of fatherless daughters looking for love.  

Ebook: $4.99 Purchase at Amazon | Genre Motivational & Inspirational; Romance

Paperback: $13.99  Purchase at Amazon | Purchase at CreateSpace